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We provide Offshore Recruitment Solutions to US staffing Agencies from India

Recruitinflux is an offshore RPO and ROD service provider of professionally handled sourcing and recruiting services for US-based companies. Our HQ is in Delhi and branch offices are in Noida and Bangalore, IN. Our offshore recruiters and sourcers are dedicated to our clients and follow the right direction as per the client needs .Recruitinflux partners with US companies to fill job openings in the US with job seekers already in the US. Recruitinflux is not about increasing the clients in numbers but its aim is to provide a qualitative solutions by recruiting the best and qualified talent at low cost.

We start with understanding and finish with solutions.

At RecruitInflux, our strength is our team. We work closely with our clients to analyze and understand their need, their mind set, and most importantly, their work culture. By understanding and recognizing their requirement, we assign a dedicated resource who is responsible for the solutions to meet the qualification.

We hire our each resource with a process, where we ensure that they will not only limited to understand the requirement, but also will have the business knowledge and soft skills necessary to ensure a successful engagement.

We understand that this is crucial time and the “right” consultant can truly make the difference between success and failure. Whether your needs are for recruitment consultants, RecruitInflux provides the specialized recruiters who knows how to complete the most critical engagements on time and within budget.

What we do…

RecruitInflux offers a unique offshore delivery models where as we involves in work schedules, no communication gaps. Additionally, even though pricing is attractive, the value back to the client is far above optimal. This is where RecruitInflux offers a solution for the best and brightest talent, but also builds a future pipeline of employees for your business, already trained in your technology environment.

Connect with us and take Trial || feel the difference

Just get in touch with us, let us know your need, and we will start the trail with a resource responsible to serve your requirement