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Analysis demonstrates that there will soon be a talent shortage in the engineering sector, so you'll need a recruitment specialist to help you identify the candidates your company needs.

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation recently revealed that overall unemployment remained at a low five percent, the jobless rate for engineers is nearly nil. According to the Manpower Group's Talent Shortage Survey, engineers are among the top ten occupations facing talent shortages, while Randstad U.S. states that there are 17 opportunities for every electrical engineering candidate.

That is only one engineering expertise. Add to it the fact that demand for engineers is predicted to be strongest in Chicago, Houston, and San Diego, while applicants will be concentrated in New York and Los Angeles, and you can see how recruiting for engineers can be a logistical challenges this year.

Engineers create the goods, equipment, processes, and complex systems we utilise on a daily basis. Engineering disciplines include aviation and space, mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, computer science, nuclear, and power, all of which are used in the construction and operation of our contemporary world. What would we do if they didn't exist? We may have to wait until next year to find out.

The Professional Engineers Network (PEN) indicates a serious engineering talent shortage. This is due to a domino effect of factors such as fewer college students choosing to study engineering, senior engineering knowledge, skills, and experience leaving the workforce as Baby Boomers retire, and restrictive Professional Engineering licencing requirements that require four years of expertise to qualify for the exam.