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Most commonly requirement of FULL-TIME hiring

In the United States, we think of a full-time employee as someone who works roughly 40 hours per week. However, with the exception of the Affordable Care Act, that designation is not federally controlled in most circumstances (ACA).

Employers are typically allowed to define full-time vs part-time employment for the purposes of qualifying for benefits such as retirement plans, paid time off (PTO), paid sick leave, and employee wellness programmes. Employers commonly define full-time employees as those who work at least 32 hours a week, though others may need more or less. Some businesses may not establish any expectations for hours worked for paid employees.

With the exception of the ACA, an employer's commitment to full-time employees is likewise not federally regulated, although it is common for firms to give benefits such as retirement contributions and paid time off to full-time employees rather than part-time employees.

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