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Contract Hiring made easy for you

A direct hire is a job offer made directly to a candidate by the intended client firm, generally for permanent positions inside the organisation. All business perks and salary are provided to employees who join the firm through direct hiring. The staffing firm discovers, qualifies, and recruits permanent employees on behalf of their customer in direct hiring, also known as direct placement. These are often full-time employment with benefits, although they are occasionally utilised to cover part-time roles as well.

The staffing agency performs the recruiting, but the chosen applicant is hired by the client and becomes an employee of that firm. A direct-hire search often indicates that the organisation maintains and is devoted to a long-term relationship with its staffing partner, who conducts a thorough job of shortlisting the top applicants for the vacancy.


  • More focused team members: Employees hired directly are more likely to be steady, engaged, devoted, and loyal to the organisation. They will be more invested in the firm and will be more focused on its goals and vision. Employees hired directly are more likely to be good team players.
  • Management has more power: Direct hire allows the firm to have greater control over how, when, and where a person works. Companies can avoid concerns with employee-contractor categorization compliance.
  • A large applicant pool: A large number of highly competent individuals are attracted by direct recruiting. They are more at ease with the advantages such as sick leave, vacation, and health insurance, as well as the sense of work stability that direct hiring provides.